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If I reach my goal, I'll cosplay as Vegeta XD

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Fox Reindeer Hybrid Auction OPEN by megashadowmew

I'm really proud of this baby! :D
I think it is worth the staring bid
I featured it in a ton of groups because I want it to find an amazing home ;-;

  • Watching: Elf


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Mew :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love pokemon, especially Mew! I enjoy playing video games, reading, writing, and, of course, drawing
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite animal: Skunk
Favorite subject in school: Technology/Science
Favorite Video game: Pokemon stuffs :D
Favorite food: Sweet things


OC drawings
Cherry Kisses and Eclipse by megashadowmew
Pokeymaster1 Request by megashadowmew
Allori by megashadowmew
A Rare Flight (redo) by megashadowmew
Art Trade by megashadowmew
Waterfall Rainbows by megashadowmew
20 for simple sketch
25 for colored
30 for background, fully colored
+5 :points: for each additional character
Couple Commissions
How can I leave that smiling face..? by megashadowmew
Vazzmantha~ by megashadowmew
A Familiar Scene by megashadowmew
I do~ by megashadowmew
Who needs Shenron? by megashadowmew
Don't let the daylight come... by megashadowmew
Your couples, fan shipping, your OC plus a real character, any couple you like~!

30 points for basic (colored pic of the couple)
35 for based off a specific song
40 for fully colored with background
45 for all (song, colored background, anything else you may want)

Just some extra options~
By default, you get hearts if you so choose ^^ (anywhere and as many as you want, as long as it doesn't become a background)

Custom Adopt
Blue Mew by megashadowmew
Nikolai-Pokemon by megashadowmew
MewLeafeon Request for pokegirl63112 by megashadowmew
I will create you a custom character
Please be as detailed as possible
I reserve the right to charge a bit more if the character is super detailed
Custom Pokefusion adopt for paintset by megashadowmew
A fusion of Pokemon
2 fused-20 :points:
3 fused- 30 :points:
4 or more- 5 :points: per other Pokemon
I'll write a back story for one of your characters!
Just provide the details and specifics! Please try to be as detailed as possible!

The price may vary, depending on amount of details, effort, time taken, etc.
Story/poem/song writing
  I'll write you a piece~!
All you have to do is give me a theme and any specifics you like~!

The cost will depend on the request and details
100 is just a base cost and is a subject to change depending on what is requested

I believe my works are worth $1.00, which is what I am charging (at least my percentage of the earnings)

Repetitive customers will receive a discount!
Custom Sprites
Nikolia's adopted Friezas by megashadowmew
Reverse Sprite by megashadowmew
Sprite Experiments by megashadowmew
I will recolor a sprite for you to look like one of your characters
Merging sprites will cost more (depending on what/who is merged)

This is cheap because it doesn't take as much skill as it does time


Fox Reindeer Hybrid Auction OPEN by megashadowmew

I'm really proud of this baby! :D
I think it is worth the staring bid
I featured it in a ton of groups because I want it to find an amazing home ;-;

  • Watching: Elf
Fox Reindeer Hybrid Auction OPEN by megashadowmew
Fox Reindeer Hybrid Auction OPEN
So, in the spirit of Christmas, here is a little reindeer adopt! :3

SB: 50 :points:
MI: 5 :points:
AB: 1,000 (to encourage bidding ;))

End date: To Be Determined

So, I love foxes (probably second favorite animal) and reindeer are a popular Christmas animal, so why not combine them? X3

1. Do not send points unless I approve, otherwise they will be counted as a donation
2. Once I approve, you must send the points within 24 hours, otherwise I will count your request as invalid and put the adopt back up for sale
3. Please, do not ask to adopt unless you have the points
4. I will hold an adopt, but only for one day
5. Please adopt responsibly. Do not adopt a character if you do not plan on loving them
6. If you change your mind, please return the character to me. DO NOT RESELL THEM!
7. No refunds
8. Credit me at least the first time you draw them. This is mostly because I want to see your beautiful artworks of them. :3 Make sure the credit will end up in my mentions or link me to it.
9. Do not claim the design as your own.
10. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask

Chapter 9: Scars from the Past


“But, Princess-!” Twilight protested.


“Twilight.” Celestia interrupted. “Please. This enemy is strange and dangerous. At least let us find out anything we can.”


Twilight reluctantly nodded in agreement.


With that, Celestia and Luna took off toward the sky, following the path Fulgora took.


Twilight kicked the ground.


“Aw, Twi…” AJ said, placing a hoof on her friend’s shoulder. “They're doin’ this for your own good. Ain’t nopony even heard of this enemy. Even if they aren’t able to beat her, not that I doubt ‘em at all, any information is better than goin’ in blind.”


Twilight sighed. “I guess you’re right. Though, I’m sure the two of them together could easily take care of her…She doesn’t even have any magic.” She looked up toward the sky. “And I know how much power Princess Celestia and Princess Luna possess…After all, I had to hold onto it.”


“So there’s no need to worry!” Rainbow said. “The Princesses will take care of that over-sized, over-confident Pegasus!”


Celestia and Luna stayed together as they cautiously searched the clouds for Fulgora


“Be careful sister.” Celestia warned. “Do not confront her. I sense a dark presence within-“


Fulgora laughed. “Oh, Celestia. Always so cautious and selfless…It really is dull.”


Celestia glared at her opponent. “Who are you, and what exactly do you intend to do?”


Fulgora scoffed. “Are all Princesses deaf?” Lightning flashed and thunder resounded. “Who am I?” Another lightning bolt shone bright. “I am Fulgora.” The thunder followed. “As for what my intentions are…”


Several bolts illuminated the area, causing both Celestia and Luna to shield their eyes.


“Well, that would ruin the fun, wouldn’t it?” Fulgora practically whispered.


Instantly the lightning storm that surrounded Fulgora flew out all at once, catching both royal sisters in the blast.


Several bolts also fell to the earth below, striking all around Ponyville. Most hit the ground, but a few hit buildings, causing the ponies inside to run outside and try to find shelter elsewhere.


The flash of the blast caught the eyes of the mane six. Twilight’s eyes grew wide with fear. “Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!” She cried.


Weakly, Luna rose to her feet. She was standing on a storm cloud, her sister lying injured in front of her.

“Sister!” She exclaimed, rushing over to her fallen sibling.


Fulgora landed behind her. A deeper, darker voice came from her throat. “Oh Luna. So concerned for your older sister…The one who betrayed you one thousand years ago.”


Luna turned to face her enemy. “You monster!”


“Come now, who is really the monster here?” The voice continued. “Your sister has not changed. She may say she loves you, but you’re still living in her shadow. Your night is still shunned by the ponies, and you still fall short of recognition.”


Luna shook her head. “You’re wrong!”


“Am I?” Fulgora raised her hoof. By using sparks, she formed something out of a cloud. Small figures of the four princesses stood between them. “Cadence, the Princess of an entire Empire.” She began.


“What are you getting at?” Luna demanded suspiciously.


“Princess Celestia, the Princess of the Sun, who also took on the moon when her sister was banished for her misdeeds. Multiple time savior of Equestria.”


Luna shook her head. “Enough of this!”


“And finally, the newest royal addition, Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship.” Fulgora finished. “All three of these Princesses, even the minor Twilight Sparkle, outshine you.”


Luna stomped her hoof. “That is untrue! Enough of your deceptive tongue, be gone!”


“You cannot deny what I have said. Each princess has some claim to fame…And yet you do not. Your only claim is that you once were evil! You were once a terrible villain known as Nightmare Moon! That is the only thing you are known for!” The voice provoked. “You cannot ever live your sins down!”


“STOP!” Celestia commanded, rising to her feet.


Luna looked back with surprise. “Celestia..!”


Celestia walked proudly toward Fulgora. “I will not allow you to torment my sister any longer! You will fall today, you will fall now!”


“And what makes you think you can defeat me?” Fulgora taunted. “You couldn’t defeat me one thousand years ago, and nothing has changed now!”


Celestia grit her teeth fiercely. “Do not attempt to provoke me!”


Fulgora’s voice slowly returned as she laughed. “Attempt? It would seem I have already succeeded!” She took a stance as if she were about to pounce on the sisters. “Now, be stricken down by the hoof of your greatest foe!”


Lightning struck the two from all sides. Both targets let out a scream of pain before all went silent.

BoV-Ch.9: Scars from the Past
My pulse races even now as I re-read this chapter.
Is it possible that Celestia and Luna have met their match? A foe that, even together, they cannot defeat? Even with the advantages they have, both magic and experience, they have still fallen short. Is this...The end?
Fox adoptable OPEN by megashadowmew
Fox adoptable OPEN
Yay adorable foxes
10 points because I love it

Made with
<da:thumb id="491912551">
Anybody interested?

if you are, just send me a note or comment on my profile ^^


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