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Awwww... Skunkies. :3
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megashadowmew has started a donation pool!
972 / 9,001
If I reach my goal, I'll cosplay as Vegeta XD

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So, here is a little update on how our journey is going!

Trainer: Mew
Badges: 4
Playtime: 15:07

Current team
Yuki (Venusaur) male Lv. 39 Modest
Moves: Tackle, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf

Marie (Pidgeot) female Lv. 36 Calm
Moves: Fly, Sand-Attack, Wing Attack, Quick Attack

Sabrina (Slowpoke) female Lv. 21 Lonely
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Confusion

Chi (Mankey) female Lv. 29 Gentle (wat)
Moves: Mega Punch, Leer, Karate Chop, Rock Tomb

Dawn (Nidoqueen) female Lv 31 Hardy
Moves: Double Kick, Poison Sting, Bite, Helping Hand

Flower (Meowth) female Lv. 29 Docile
Moves: Pay Day, Faint Attack, Bite, Cut

Starlight (Clefairy) female Lv. 23 Impish
Daisy (Butterfree) female Lv. 22 Modest
Sandy (Sandshrew) male Lv. 8 Naive
De-De (Diglett) female Lv. 18 Gentle
Tuffy (Jigglypuff) male Lv. 18 Modest
Clover (Eevee) female Lv. 25 Naive
Skull (Cubone) male Lv. 15 Hasty
Gi-Gi (Gastly) female Lv. 17 Calm
Albert (Snorlax) male Lv. 30 Lonely
Sebastian (Krabby) male Lv. 23 Quiet
Carna (Bellsprout) female Lv 26 Hardy
Flounder (Goldeen) male Lv. 12 Careful
James (Victreebel) male Lv. 28 Naive   (:iconseewhatyoudidplz:)
Play-Dough (Ditto) Lv. 25 Quirky
Clay (Ditto) Lv. 25 Careful
Nat (Venonat) female Lv. 26 Bashful
Astrid (Gyarados) female Lv. 17 Docile (wat)
Seaqueen (Seaking) female Lv. 21 Docile
Yolky (Exeggutor) male Lv. 24 Docile
Doduo (forgot to nickname ^^;) female Lv. 26 Jolly
Ken (Nidoran♂) Lv. 24 Impish
Shroom (Paras) male Lv. 22 Gentle
Aisu (Nidoran♀) Lv. 24 Docile

Scooter (Rattata) male (was deposited at) Lv. 8

Recent Achievements:
Woke up Route 12 Snorlax
Caught Route 12 Snorlax
Arrived in Fuchsia City
Caught a TON of Pokemon in the Safari
Found a Slowpoke, replaced Daisy
Found a Nidorina, replaced Starlight
Realized my team is under-leveled and need to go grind

Next stop: Elsewhere for training!
Next goal: Defeat Koga and receive the Soul Badge!

If you have team suggestions, let me know ^^
  • Playing: Pokemon LeafGreen


megashadowmew's Profile Picture
Mew :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love pokemon, especially Mew! I enjoy playing video games, reading, writing, and, of course, drawing
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite animal: Skunk
Favorite subject in school: Technology/Science
Favorite Video game: Pokemon stuffs :D
Favorite food: Sweet things


OC drawings
It's been far too long... by megashadowmew
Cherry Kisses and Eclipse by megashadowmew
Pokeymaster1 Request by megashadowmew
Kichigai in a wedding dress by megashadowmew
Allori by megashadowmew
20 for simple sketch
25 for colored
30 for background, fully colored
+5 :points: for each additional character
Couple Commissions
How can I leave that smiling face..? by megashadowmew
Vazzmantha~ by megashadowmew
Who needs Shenron? by megashadowmew
A Familiar Scene by megashadowmew
I do~ by megashadowmew
Don't let the daylight come... by megashadowmew
Your couples, fan shipping, your OC plus a real character, any couple you like~!

30 points for basic (colored pic of the couple)
35 for based off a specific song
40 for fully colored with background
45 for all (song, colored background, anything else you may want)

Just some extra options~
By default, you get hearts if you so choose ^^ (anywhere and as many as you want, as long as it doesn't become a background)
Custom Adopt
Blue Mew by megashadowmew
Nikolai-Pokemon by megashadowmew
MewLeafeon Request for pokegirl63112 by megashadowmew
I will create you a custom character
Please be as detailed as possible
I reserve the right to charge a bit more if the character is super detailed
Custom Pokefusion adopt for paintset by megashadowmew
A fusion of Pokemon
2 fused-20 :points:
3 fused- 30 :points:
3 or more- 5 :points: per other Pokemon
I'll write a back story for one of your characters!
Just provide the details and specifics! Please try to be as detailed as possible!

The price may vary, depending on amount of details, effort, time taken, etc.
Story/poem/song writing
  I'll write you a piece~!
All you have to do is give me a theme and any specifics you like~!

The cost will depend on the request and details
60 is just a base cost and is a subject to change depending on what is requested
Custom Sprites
Nikolia's adopted Friezas by megashadowmew
Reverse Sprite by megashadowmew
Sprite Experiments by megashadowmew
I will recolor a sprite for you to look like one of your characters
Merging sprites will cost more (depending on what/who is merged)

This is cheap because it doesn't take as much skill as it does time


Princess Celestia Pony Drawing by SoraJayhawk77

This is a nice picture It's obvious that you were trying while drawing this Positive: I knew exactly who this was: Princess Celestia. I...

The Pokemon Before Time by Fishlover

OH MY GOSH!!!! This picture is AMAZING! I think the Pokemon you selected are PERFECT! Anyone who complains is just trying to provoke dr...

Meloetta Sprites Adopts - CLOSED by ChaoticCinder

I LOVE it! These are AMAZING! I especially like umber 3. She's BEAUTIFUL! These are so original and awesome....You're AMAZING! I am a B...

Wild Vulpix Appeared! by Sapphiresenthiss

I Personally LOVE this picture. When I saw it in my messages, I said to myself, "LOL I am TOTALLY favoriting that. A very creative way ...

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