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Awwww... Skunkies. :3
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If I reach my goal, I'll cosplay as Vegeta XD

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317 deviations
Sanspeon by megashadowmew
I made a Sansvee (Sans-based Eevee) but I sold it to TmntLover111 
Then I got to thinking
Which Eeveelution would be most fitting? 
Well, I though of Espeon, so this happened.
I think I may make an Umbreon too...They are both kinda fitting

Sansy...I think I will name her Sansy

Base by :iconwarriorcatgirl365:
He wanted to grow up and become a pirate
Just like Jack Sparrow
She wanted to grow up and become a Waitress
Just like her mother
He wanted to grow up and become a guitar all-star
Just like his big brother
He wanted to grow up and become a singer
Just like his idol
He wanted to grow up and become a ring master
Just like his father

They wanted to grow up...

He loved foxes
They were quick and sneaky
She loved chickens
They were pretty and funny
He loved rabbits
They were timid but strong
He loved bears
They were smart and powerful
He loved all animals
He couldn't choose

Animals, you say...

Childhood is a precious thing
Yet yours was taken away
Life isn't over yet
Come on, let's play...

You can play the heroes
Your powers are your dreams
You can protect the futures of others
Defeat the villain, save the day
FNAF Poem thing
Dunno, just thought of the first part and went alone with it
Have some feels
I'm Sorry, My Child by megashadowmew
I'm Sorry, My Child
Dumb MSPaint doodle
I know it sucks

I adore Toriel :heart:
She is so cute. Best goat mom.



megashadowmew's Profile Picture
That one person over there
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love pokemon, especially Mew! I enjoy playing video games, reading, writing, and, of course, drawing
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite animal: Skunk
Here's Mew! :iconheresjohnnyplz:

Gosh, FINALLY dA realized its screwup

So looks like I'm back
I missed you guys :iconcraiplz:


Traditional OC drawing (animals or animal-like)
Cherry Kisses and Eclipse by megashadowmew
Pokeymaster1 Request by megashadowmew
Waterfall Rainbows by megashadowmew
20 for simple sketch
25 for colored
30 for background, fully colored
+5 :points: for each additional character
Traditional OC sketch (human, humanoid, anthros, or any other human-like)
Contest Prize- Partners in Crime by megashadowmew
Majin Coco by megashadowmew
A Rare Flight (redo) by megashadowmew
Allori by megashadowmew
30 for simple sketch
35 for colored
40 for background, fully colored
+10  Points for each additional character
OC Digital Drawing (animal or animal-like)
As a Matter of Fact...w/Owl friend MLP BASE by megashadowmew
Shadow with aura by megashadowmew
Theme 2-Ocean 100 themes adopt CLOSED by megashadowmew
Fox Reindeer Hybrid Auction OPEN by megashadowmew
Lineart- 30 :points:
Colored- 50 :points:
Colored character with simple background- 75
Fully colored and shaded drawing with background- 120
+1 character- 20
OC Digital Drawing (human, humanoid, anthro, other human-like)
Custom Mobian German Shephard by megashadowmew
AT- Skunny by megashadowmew
Kewl Guy by megashadowmew
SU Gem- Tiger Eye by megashadowmew
Lineart- 50 :points:
Colored- 80 :points:
Colored character with simple background- 100
Fully colored and shaded drawing with background- 150
+1 character- 30
Couple Commissions
How can I leave that smiling face..? by megashadowmew
Vazzmantha~ by megashadowmew
A Familiar Scene by megashadowmew
I do~ by megashadowmew
Who needs Shenron? by megashadowmew
Don't let the daylight come... by megashadowmew
Your couples, fan shipping, your OC plus a real character, any couple you like~!

30 points for basic (colored pic of the couple)
35 for based off a specific song
40 for fully colored with background
45 for all (song, colored background, anything else you may want)

Just some extra options~
By default, you get hearts if you so choose ^^ (anywhere and as many as you want, as long as it doesn't become a background)

Screen Shot
Screen Shot- Turn Back by megashadowmew
Screen Shot- I'v never seen you before by megashadowmew
Screenshot Commission- ''Tripped'' by megashadowmew
I will create a picture that looks like it could be a screen shot of a cartoon

200- Up to 2 characters and a reasonably simple background
+50 for each extra character
+100 for a detailed background

Direct payment preferred ;)
Story/poem/song writing
  I'll write you a piece~!
All you have to do is give me a theme and any specifics you like~!

The cost will depend on the request and details
100 is just a base cost and is a subject to change depending on what is requested

I believe my works are worth $1.00, which is what I am charging (at least my percentage of the earnings)

Repetitive customers will receive a discount!
I'll write a back story for one of your characters!
Just provide the details and specifics! Please try to be as detailed as possible!

The price may vary, depending on amount of details, effort, time taken, etc.


Princess Celestia Pony Drawing by SoraRoyals77

This is a nice picture It's obvious that you were trying while drawing this Positive: I knew exactly who this was: Princess Celestia. I...

The Pokemon Before Time by Fishlover

OH MY GOSH!!!! This picture is AMAZING! I think the Pokemon you selected are PERFECT! Anyone who complains is just trying to provoke dr...

Meloetta Sprites Adopts - CLOSED by ChaoticCinder

I LOVE it! These are AMAZING! I especially like umber 3. She's BEAUTIFUL! These are so original and awesome....You're AMAZING! I am a B...

Wild Vulpix Appeared! by Sapphiresenthiss

I Personally LOVE this picture. When I saw it in my messages, I said to myself, "LOL I am TOTALLY favoriting that. A very creative way ...

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