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Stunky Support Stamp 1 by Fishlover 434 - Stunky by Marlenesstamps Stunky Support Stamp 2 by Fishlover 434 Stunky by SkaianAngel Shiny Stunky by Marlenesstamps
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When you see clips of the new movie you really want to watch...
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The Future is...Darkness by megashadowmew
The Future is...Darkness
The power to peer into the future isn't all it's cracked up to be...
All I see is the darkness our world will soon be consumed by...

Not sure what to name this little kitty yet~
Her other eye is normal, just the one eye is oddly colored. This eye is what helps her see visions...

Adopted from :iconsnows-sweet-adopts:

Chapter 35: Onward, to the Seedrians!


“A Seedrian?” Rune questioned. “Didn’t that clan disappear a long time ago? In some war for the galaxy?”


“That’s what was said.” Stacey answered. “But, remains of the clan lingered, spreading throughout the stars. Apparently most of them somehow gathered on Mobius. Their numbers are few, but they exist. I have met one or two in my travels.”


“Really? You’ve met Seedrians?” Midnight questioned.


Stacey nodded.


“Do you think one of them could have any information on all of this?” Jazmyn asked.


Stacey pondered the question for a moment. “Well, I don’t recall any of them having blue hair…But, maybe they know of another one who matches the description!”


“Do they live very far from here?” Peuan asked, thankful the subject was off of her.


“Unfortunately, yes. They live quite a way away from here.” Stacey replied. “At least a three day journey on foot.”


“Well, no one said we were limited on time.” Rune commented. “Even if this legend turns out to be true, you don’t think that three days will be too late, do you?”


“Who knows?” Peuan said with a shrug. “But, if we are going to find anything out, we better get going.”


Stacey headed back to the still smoking library.


“What are you doing, Stacey?” Midnight asked.


“Well, we have a long journey ahead of us.” Stacey answered over her shoulder. “We’re gonna need some supplies!”


Stacey couldn’t help but sigh with relief when she entered the main floor of the building. Not much had been affected at all. The only lingering damage was the blinding stench of smoke. She coughed a little, using her magic to help dissipate the smoke that remained.


“That’s a neat trick.” Lyra commented. “What else can you do?”


Stacey giggled. “Watch this.” Her horn began to shimmer brightly. With a flash of light, everything was restored to normal.


“Whoa!” Lyra, Chiolie, and Peuan harmonized.


Stacey smiled, but then sighed sadly. “Unfortunately, I can’t restore things completely destroyed…” A single tear slipped out of her eye. She shook her head. “But, it can’t be helped now. I have to pack!”


The others watched her rush around for several moments. She picked things up with her hands and magic. Anything she thought they may need was stuffed into a large, dark green hiking backpack. Jazmyn and Midnight assisted with the food items as Lyra and Chiolie helped sort through basic supplies. Heaven and Mint got books Stacey asked for, with the help of Rune.


Peuan sat in one of the reading chairs. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help, she just, couldn’t focus. Her mind was racing over the legend, repeating over and over the words Stacey said. “But the third, the third was the strongest of the trio.” Could it be true? Were the three of them really from that old legend? Was she…The strongest of the trio?


She was snapped back into reality by Rune. “Hey, Peuan? Are you okay?”


She looked up at him, blinking to focus. “I, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” She replied, trying to reassure him.


Rune was smarter than that. “The look in your eyes says otherwise.” He sat down in the bean bag chair next to her, nearly getting eaten alive. Peuan giggled a little as he sat up. “I see that helped a little.”


Peuan sighed. “Oh Rune…What if this whole legend thing turns out to be true?”


Rune cocked his head. “What do you mean? Isn’t it an honor to be a hero?”


Peuan shook her head. “Sure, I guess. But, that’s so much pressure. What if I don’t actually have any powers…What if I screw up? What if I’m…Just a mistake.”


Rune quickly shook his head in protest. “You’re no mistake! And I know, if this legend is true, you will save everyone! I’m sure of it!”


“But, we don’t know that!” Peuan objected. “We don’t know if I’m the hero and we don’t know if I win! The book was worn, for all we know, whoever we’re fighting could be the one who ends up winning!” She placed her arm on the chair’s, holding her head. “This is just too much…”


Rune immediately rose from his seat and embraced Peuan. “Win or lose, you’re still a hero to me.” He got on his knees to look Peuan in the eyes. “After all, you helped me save Hyper.”


Peuan nodded, her face brightening. “That’s right…We are heroes, even if we aren’t the ones from the book!”


Rune grinned. “That’s the spirit!”




The sun was beginning to disappear behind the tree line as the group of nine travelled through the forest. They had left soon after midday, so they had been walking for quite a while now. Dodging tree roots and bunches of vegetation left them tired.


“It’s getting dark.” Jazmyn noted. “Maybe we should think about stopping for the night soon.”


Stacey, the leader of this trek, nodded in agreement. “Right. Let’s start looking for a good spot to settle.”


Each of the other travelers carried their own small bag equipped with a sleeping bag. Even Heaven and Mint had little blankets to carry for themselves.


The dense forest began to thin out as the travelling party entered a small clearing.


“This looks like a good spot.” Stacey noted. “Let’s set up here!”


It was dark by the time the group was settled. They all sat around a small campfire, eating some of the food Stacey packed.


“What are Seedrians like, Stacey?” Midnight inquired, taking another bite.


“Well, they range in height, but most of them are rather short.” Stacey began. “But, then again, I’m rather tall. Anyway, they usually have some sort of flower or plant on top of their heads here.” She pointed to where her ears stuck out of her hair. “Most of them are females, and they often wear dresses that look like leaves. They have flowers or fruit. Males tend to have root-like growths that look more like horns or antlers.”


“So they are a lot like plants?” Peuan asked.


Stacey nodded. “You could say that.”


“Well, that explains their name. “Seedrians” sounds plant-like with the whole “seed” thing.” Lyra commented.


After eating, everyone decided to head straight to bed. They were so tired, and had a long trip ahead of them. Within a few minutes, the fire was out and so were they.


Peuan's Journey-Ch.35: Onward, to Seedrians!
The adventure continues! Now the gang is off to find the mysterious Seedrians.
Will this nearly extinct race be able to finally shed some light on all of this? Are answers close? What dangers lie and wait for our friends?
283 deviations


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I love pokemon, especially Mew! I enjoy playing video games, reading, writing, and, of course, drawing
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite animal: Skunk

Make New Friends But Keep Discord

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 10:49 AM
I loved seeing Discord again!
And, for some reason, I found him adorable acting like a jealous dork XP

I have been looking forward to this episode ever since I heard it was happening. I loved that little blob (can't spell its name derp), I wanted to see it so badly. It's so nice to see them recycling things from generation 1. Cute lil hat and bow tie X3
I loved Discord in a suit, too
Orange works well for him X3

OH MY GOSH! We FINALLY got to see where Discord lives! I have been wondering all this time! His dimension is pretty awesome lol

I really liked the plot, despite thinking Discord was a little OOC to be SO jealous.
It made me wonder...Why is he suddenly being so jealous? I mean, Fluttershy has the other members of the mane 6 as her friends, and Discord was okay with it. Why is he just now learning of having multiple friends?

There was one thing I hated
When Discord said "I'm centuries of years old.", I thought "Yes, good, shut down the shippers. He is way too old for Fluttershy."
"I can't have you interfering in my relationship with Fluttershy anymore."
As if that weren't bad enough
CELESTIA was the one who invited Discord.


On some other notes...
Dang it Twilight, when will you realize the Gala is always boring and Celestia wants you to screw things up? XP

Whatever Treehugger is on I want some XD


Traditional OC drawing
Cherry Kisses and Eclipse by megashadowmew
Pokeymaster1 Request by megashadowmew
Art Trade by megashadowmew
Waterfall Rainbows by megashadowmew
Allori by megashadowmew
A Rare Flight (redo) by megashadowmew
20 for simple sketch
25 for colored
30 for background, fully colored
+5 :points: for each additional character
OC Digital Drawing
As a Matter of Fact...w/Owl friend MLP BASE by megashadowmew
Shadow with aura by megashadowmew
Theme 2-Ocean 100 themes adopt CLOSED by megashadowmew
Fox Reindeer Hybrid Auction OPEN by megashadowmew
Lineart- 30 :points:
Colored- 50 :points:
Colored character with simple background- 75
Fully colored and shaded drawing with background- 120
+1 character- 20
Couple Commissions
How can I leave that smiling face..? by megashadowmew
Vazzmantha~ by megashadowmew
A Familiar Scene by megashadowmew
I do~ by megashadowmew
Who needs Shenron? by megashadowmew
Don't let the daylight come... by megashadowmew
Your couples, fan shipping, your OC plus a real character, any couple you like~!

30 points for basic (colored pic of the couple)
35 for based off a specific song
40 for fully colored with background
45 for all (song, colored background, anything else you may want)

Just some extra options~
By default, you get hearts if you so choose ^^ (anywhere and as many as you want, as long as it doesn't become a background)

Screen Shot
Screen Shot- Turn Back by megashadowmew
Screen Shot- I'v never seen you before by megashadowmew
I will create a picture that looks like it could be a screen shot of a cartoon

200- Up to 2 characters and a reasonably simple background
+50 for each extra character
+100 for a detailed background

Direct payment preferred ;)
Story/poem/song writing
  I'll write you a piece~!
All you have to do is give me a theme and any specifics you like~!

The cost will depend on the request and details
100 is just a base cost and is a subject to change depending on what is requested

I believe my works are worth $1.00, which is what I am charging (at least my percentage of the earnings)

Repetitive customers will receive a discount!
Custom Adopt
Blue Mew by megashadowmew
Nikolai-Pokemon by megashadowmew
MewLeafeon Request for pokegirl63112 by megashadowmew
I will create you a custom character
Please be as detailed as possible
I reserve the right to charge a bit more if the character is super detailed
Custom Pokefusion adopt for paintset by megashadowmew
A fusion of Pokemon
2 fused-20 :points:
3 fused- 30 :points:
4 or more- 5 :points: per other Pokemon
I'll write a back story for one of your characters!
Just provide the details and specifics! Please try to be as detailed as possible!

The price may vary, depending on amount of details, effort, time taken, etc.
Custom Sprites
Nikolia's adopted Friezas by megashadowmew
Reverse Sprite by megashadowmew
Sprite Experiments by megashadowmew
I will recolor a sprite for you to look like one of your characters
Merging sprites will cost more (depending on what/who is merged)

This is cheap because it doesn't take as much skill as it does time


Princess Celestia Pony Drawing by SoraRoyals77

This is a nice picture It's obvious that you were trying while drawing this Positive: I knew exactly who this was: Princess Celestia. I...

The Pokemon Before Time by Fishlover

OH MY GOSH!!!! This picture is AMAZING! I think the Pokemon you selected are PERFECT! Anyone who complains is just trying to provoke dr...

Meloetta Sprites Adopts - CLOSED by ChaoticCinder

I LOVE it! These are AMAZING! I especially like umber 3. She's BEAUTIFUL! These are so original and awesome....You're AMAZING! I am a B...

Wild Vulpix Appeared! by Sapphiresenthiss

I Personally LOVE this picture. When I saw it in my messages, I said to myself, "LOL I am TOTALLY favoriting that. A very creative way ...


Discord Stamp by jewlecho MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin Discord by Miss-Dicess Discord Fangirl Stamp by St0oiE Discord stamp by Chrysalislover Everyday Im Shuffling by Rovas117

Fluttershy Stamp by jewlecho Fluttershy Yay Stamp by moonprincessluna MLP Fluttershy Stamp by Kevfin Fluttershy Stamp by Mel-Rosey Fluttershy 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHans Fluttershy yay Stamp by JRDN762 MLP: Fluttershy Stamp by BabysMother

Derpy Hooves Stamp by jewlecho MLP: Derpy Stamp by BabysMother MLP Derpy Hooves Stamp by Kevfin :thumb278634296: Derpy Hooves Support Stamp by CocoChipooRocks MLP: Derpy Hooves stamp by DivineSpiritual

I Can Draw Ponies - Stamp by Sonic-chaos I support Alicorn OC's Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy Breaking the 4th Wall Stamp by Sonic-chaos I like all the main 6 ponies stamp *edited* by CritterInvasion MLP Villains stamp by Chrysalislover Luna and Fluttershy by GeminiGirl83 Toleratin' stamp by Sonic-chaos Pony OC Stamp by Notgonnadie An Unoriginal Stamp by NickelParkLavigne Rarity Stamp! by Naita-Yukime The more you hate it, The more we love it stamp by Sonic-chaos


Shadow Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Shadow Stamp 2 by CriWolfy Shadow Stamp by CriWolfy Shadow the hedgehog Stamp by Kevfin I love Shadow STAMP by shadowhatesomochao Shadow is awesome Stamp by the-Shadow-fans

cosmo stamp by PFV0-Stamp Cosmo Stamp by SonicHearts Against Anti-Cosmo Stamp by Nijihamu-can Blooming Cosmo Stamp by Vertekins Taismo Stamp by SonicHearts Cosmo Stamp by dragontamer272

Rouge stamp by SonyaLS Rouge 2011 stamp by SA948-Stamps rouge fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog Rouge the Bat (Chronicles) Stamp by Natakiro Proud Rouge Fan Stamp by I-Love-Tails21 Rouge by Miss-Dicess

blaze stamp by PFV0-Stamp Blaze needs a game stamp by ARTic-Weather Blaze Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Burning Blaze :stamp: by Sayuri-Amaya Kitty Stamp by Faezza I love Blaze stamp by Blazes-Stamps

Maria Stamp by CriWolfy :thumb410996044: Shadow's not Crazy by LillyCrystal

Mephiles Stamp by Miha85 Mephiles The Dark Stamp by RaeLogan Mephiles Stamp by Chibi-Metal by Mephiles-Fanclub Mephiles Stamp 5 by MammaCarnage Mephiles Stamp by MammaCarnage

Sonic Stamp by CriWolfy Displeased Shadow Stamp by Code-E Sonic plushie-stamp by ILoveKnucklesShadow Shadow and Rouge Stamp by GreenToxicity Sonic Stamp 2 by JetProwerTheFox :thumb428466873:
Anti ShadowxMaria Stamp by Crimson-Fur52 ---- I see them more as siblings

When you see clips of the new movie you really want to watch... 

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